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Class details

Educator 1: Raluca Borota Winn
Birth and Bereavement Doula

Educator 2: Rim Bitzer
midwife and CEO

Place: Hillerstraße 4

215,-EUR for public insured participants  (115,-EUR will be covered by the insurance)
276,40 EUR for private insured participants (176,40 EUR will be covered by the insurance)
The Partner fee is 25,- EUR for the entire course.  (please specify the number of participants when you do the booking to make it clear 2 people are coming)
Class Units: 5 each 180 minutes (total of 900 minutes)
Day: Saturday
Time: 10 am to 1 pm


Part 1   Mutterpass / Pregnancy changes during the three trimesters of pregnancy/ Nutrition / Paperwork
Part 2   Birth
Part 3   Postpartum
Part 4   Breastfeeding / Feeding the newborn
Part 5   Babycare / Baby handling (carrying, swaddling, washing and bathing)

Class description:

Our purpose is to offer you all the important and practical information that you (might) need. By the end of the class you will know what changes are normal during pregnancy, how a birth progresses and how it’s done here in our Birth House, how to deal with the pain, how your partner can help you and care for you, what happens during the postpartum period, how your body prepares for breastfeeding and how you can prepare for it, how to care for your baby and how to best deal with hard times.
With the knowledge that we offer you, you can remain calm in your path to becoming parents.

The practical side of the class:

  • Breathing exercises to help you relax and to provide your child with enough oxygen during birth (long, deep breathing)
  • Massage (with the hands or different aids)
  • Body movements to relax and relieve stress
  • Holding your partner, massaging and helping to breath during contractions
  • Different positions during labor
  • Different positions during birth

What should you bring to the class?

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Mutterpass
  • Something to snack on
  • Writing material 
  • Questions
  • Good mood

What will my partner learn from this class?

  • That he is there for you 24 h and he can help you the most
  • How important his presence is for you and your baby
  • How important his presence is for himself
  • How to support you during pregnancy and how to know you and your body better
  • How to support you during labor and birth, what he can do and what he shouldn’t do.
  • Which important tasks he can take over for you during your postpartum period and what to pay attention to
  • How best to support you during breastfeeding
  • How to strengthen his attachment to the baby in those first days 
  • How to care for your baby
We will also help him in having a good start to his life as a father.
Raluca and Rim

For booking, please see the available times below under „Nächster Termin“ and press „Buchen“

After the booking you will receive an email from the instructor with the invoice of 100,-EUR and the registration form with the full conditions for the Childbirth Education Class. Please fill in the form  and sign it. Send it by email to

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